Seawall Requirements:
The Architectural Committee oversees the approval of new home construction and architectural changes to existing homes in Lake Winnebago.  The Committee meets twice a month:  the first Tuesday and third Monday at 6:45pm in the City Board Room. 
If you need to submit plans, the deadline to be on the agenda is the Monday, one week prior to the Architectural meeting. 
Plan Submission (additional items beyond City requirements):  Any person desiring to submit building plans/specifications and request shall submit the plans/specifications and request in duplicate (for new home construction/major renovations:  one full size set and one 11 x 17 sized set) to the APCC at the HOA office along with a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) submission fee for an existing house or structure renovation and a two hundred dollar ($200.00) submission fee for a new house or structure construction review request.  Applications for an existing house or structure addition must also include a five-hundred dollar ($500) security deposit, and applications for a new house or structure construction must include a two-thousand dollar ($2000) security deposit.  Both renovation and new construction deposits are fully refundable after completion of the project and confirmed adherence to the APCC Guidelines.  At the time of submission, the applicant will be given a date and time for a hearing by the APCC on the plans/specifications and request.  
Any changes to the exterior of your home may require Architectural review.  If your plans require a variance to the regulations, the HOA Board will need to review and approve any variances.  Please contact the HOA office if you have any questions at 816-537-7273.