Revised and approved June 12, 2018
 “…If a dock fails the first round of inspections, the LWHOA will communicate the reason for the failure to the dock owner by form letter.  Adjoining dock owners will be notified of safety failures. The dock owner must notify the LWHOA within 3 weeks of notification that the dock has been repaired.  In the event the dock is scheduled for repairs and the company contracted to do the repairs has scheduling difficulties, it will be at the discretion of the Dock Committee (with approval of the LWHOA) to extend the time allotted for needed repairs.  There is no need for a second inspection if repairs are not made.  If notification of repairs is not received by the LWHOA, it will be assumed that the dock has not been repaired.  This is an automatic fail for the second inspection.  A second notice of failure form letter will be sent to the dock owner….  Fines will start after the dock has failed twice.  The amount is $50.00…. The dock owner must notify the LWHOA before any more inspections are attempted.  If no notification is received by the HOA within 21 days, a $50.00 fine will be assessed each month for up to six (6) months for a possible annual assessment of $300 during the inspection year.”
All docks must have a current permit and lot number displayed.
Dock with electricity $40
Dock without electricity $20
Revised and approved May 12, 2015