To the Residents of Lake Winnebago,
The HOA Board will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, February 20 at 6pm, where the Board will review and vote whether to approve the 7th Amendment to the Development Agreement.  This amendment relates to resolution of ongoing issues concerning the development, including the Amenity area (pool), commercial area, and square footage issues.   The meeting will be conducted via zoom provided at the link below.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 892 5762 6867
Passcode: 907879
HOA Special Meeting Agenda
Reminder to Residents of permitted trailers and Zebra Mussel Protection:  Please review the Watercraft Regulations for information concerning member responsibility for use of unapproved watercraft and trailers.  Residents who would like to make appointments for use of the HOA trailer may contact the office.  Only currently approved and permitted trailers may be used to launch or retrieve watercraft from the lake, or, service watercraft on the lake.
Commercial Property Survey
See the survey results regarding the recent Commercial Property Survey sent out via email to the community.
Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) Spillway Modification