What is the process to get a boat approved and permitted? 
Submit a completed Watercraft Approval Request to the Boat Committee. This form is available under the "Boats" tab on the HOA website.
Once a watercraft is approved, the HOA office staff provides additional instructions for permitting. Items that will be needed include:
Ø  Proof of Ownership
Ø  Proof of Insurance with the LWB HOA listed as additional interest
Ø  Passing score on the Boat Safety Test (annually)
Ø  Attendance of the Boat Safety Class (every 3 years)
Ø  Completed Boat Permit Application
Once Step 2 is complete, notify the HOA office and they will prepare your permits. You can then collect the permits and pay the required fees.
Length & Weight Requirements
The following are the maximum length/weight requirements for watercraft permitted to Lake Winnebago:
No watercraft shall exceed 3400 lbs dry weight including the engine.
Pontoons shall not exceed 28'.
Other watercraft shall not exceed 20' 0".  However, if the dry weight is 3100 lbs or less, maximum allowable length is 20' 6".
Personal watercraft shall be limited to 800 cc or 4-stroke engines shall be limited to 140 hp.
All "new-to-you" watercraft must be approved by the Boat Committee, and there can be an up-to 10 day approval process time.
What are the top safety rules on the Lake?
o   Safety is a top priority for the lake and key for all of us to enjoy our chosen activities. Lake Patrol monitors adherence to boating regulations and will issue citations for violations
o   All watercraft must follow a counterclockwise traffic pattern when outside the no-wake areas
o   Personal Water Craft (PWC) are required to follow the same operating regulations as all other watercraft
o   If born after 1984, a State watercraft certification must be completed before operating a motorized boat or PWC
Fuel Key Operating Instructions:
Insert Key - hear beep
Press: 1
Press: Enter
Hear Click - Move handle - begin fueling