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2018 Master Plan Survey Results
Posted on Nov 14th, 2018

Dear Lake Winnebago HOA Members,
As part of the preparation for an update to the HOA’s Master Plan, a survey was sent out to the HOA membership in September to gather information and opinions from Lake Winnebago residents.  We received great feedback with 394 responses.  That is almost 70% of our membership!! Attached are the results of the survey (62 pages!) for all residents to review. 2018 Master Plan Survey Results
You will see that many of the responses are very positive, however, there are plenty of ideas for improvement. Hundreds of comments are included in the attached results.  One comment was excluded as it specifically named an individual who no longer lives at the lake. All responses and comments are anonymous.  As you go through the survey, please be aware that some of the bar graphs are a little difficult to read.  For instance, Question 9 asks about areas of focus for the HOA.  When you look at the bar graph, it appears that HOA Office Procedures got the most answers, when in fact it got one of the overall lowest 1 and 2 rankings.  Lake Health received the highest number 1 rankings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mike Collar, Master Plan Committee Chairman, any HOA Board member or the HOA office.
This is the first time the HOA has used the SurveyMonkey application.  We learned a lot from the process, and hope to make improvements on any other future surveys.  The survey was done with no direct expense to the HOA, with the help of volunteers and HOA employees. A special thank you to Mike Collar for all of his resources in the implementation of the survey.
The Master Plan Committee is still evaluating the results of the survey in an effort to best use the information to move forward.  The comments will be categorized and shared with all of the appropriate HOA committees, including the AYC.  There are even comments that relate to the City that we will share with them. Once all the information is sifted through, the committee will utilize the information to help develop a Master Plan for Board and member review.
The survey closed before the first Town Hall Meeting on October 15th, which discussed potential spillway development, including a possible road extension from the 600 Block of Winnebago Drive. More details were discussed during that meeting, and subsequent meetings to be held in December, which members may not have been aware of while filling out Question 16.
Thank you again to our wonderful membership for taking the time to share your opinions.  We are proud that over 99% of the responses indicate that Lake Winnebago is an Excellent or Good place to live!
Lake Winnebago HOA