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South Shore Nature Trail
Posted on Aug 30th, 2019

The north shore, at the end of H Cove, has three nature trails within its woods. These trails were created and have been maintained through six different boy scout service projects. The trails consist of mulch donated by Grade A Tree service and bridges (dock ramps) donated by Williams and Macs dock companies. The HOA donated pizza and soda for the labor toward these efforts.
A few residents on the south side have asked the HOA for a nature trail there as well. To that end, the HOA assigned the next service project towards that effort and preparations for that project has been underway for a few months. In this case, the south side trail will accommodate a Boy Scout Eagle service project. There is potentially 1.5 miles of wooded area on the south side in which a trail could be made. The goal was/is to accomplish building this trail over time and through multiple service projects (whether boy scouts, girl scouts, or whatever service organization).
The first section was identified earlier this year and is about .25 miles long. This section has a ravine which requires a bridge to circumvent and of which building and installing it is part of the service project.
Project Status:
The BSA has recently approved this project (first .25 miles of trail) as a valid Eagle scout service project. The location of this first section has been identified and has been cleared and ready for mulch to be spread along the trail. September 21 is the date to have the troop (and volunteer residents) spread the mulch that would be donated and delivered by Grade A Tree service. The bridge will be built and in place before the troops arrive on 9/21.  
After this first section is complete, we will need to determine the path in the woods for the next sections. We expect this to occur after the leaves fall. With resident volunteers, we’ll mark the proposed next sections. Assuming south side residents approve of the new marked path, volunteers will begin clearing the area(s).
Recent change in project status:
Lake residents Lynette Toon (owner of Bluestone Pools) and her fiancé Nick Leo (owner of Leo Concrete) have offered to donate all materials and labor to build a 6’ wide concrete path the entire length of the trail. This includes the .25 miles identified for the first section as well as the rest of the trail once identified and cleared. The Boy Scouts will still build the bridge over the ravine in this first section. Note that it is expected that all future trail preparation, clearing, and any restoration work needed would be done by resident volunteers.
Next Steps:
Since concrete provides for a more permanent structure, the HOA board will discuss this in the next meeting scheduled for September 10. This meeting agenda item will provide a forum for residents to ask questions and/or voice their support and/or concerns. The board will then vote on whether or not to proceed with using concrete or mulch.