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H & S Cove Silt Ponds Project
Posted on Sep 24th, 2014

Update from Chairman Jeff Sefton as of September 24, 2015:
S cove is basically drained except for a couple small spots. It won't be fit for a dozer to get into for about 2 weeks or maybe slightly more depending on weather. When the dozer gets in it will start by digging a trench to let the remaining water out and then they will get to work in full swing.  An issue that we had in S cove is that the pit where the pump is ended up with about 38 dead fish in it.  Those fish will be removed from that pit today. As far as the other dead fish , there is nothing that can really be done until the excavating starts so there will be some smell. Hopefully the vultures, raccoons, and other local wildlife will get most of those out for us. 
The draining of H cove has started. It will be a slow process because it is being done with a siphon instead of a powered pump.  Work on H cove will be done after S cove so the fact that it will take quite a while to drain should be OK. There will likely be many dead fish in H-Cove silt pond, as well, which could contribute to a strong odor.  We apologize for this and are working as quickly as possible to complete the project.
From the HOA Office:
Please do not go out into the drained silt pond areas, as they are not going to be stable and could be hazardous.