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Proposed APCC Guideline Changes
Posted on Sep 27th, 2019

Lake Winnebago is booming with new construction and remodel projects as we welcome many new residents to our community.  To ensure our great neighborhood continues to look good, the Architectural Plan and Control Committee (APCC) is proposing the following changes to the current APCC Guidelines:
Authority to require variety in design and style
Require refundable security deposit ($500 for existing home additions/$2000 for new construction) to ensure adherence to guidelines
Landscaping must be done in a timely manner after project completion
Garage must have enclosed parking for at least 2 cars
Street side elevations must include at least 15% brick, stone or stucco
Vinyl siding is not permitted on street side or lake side elevations -- minimum of .48 mil is allowed on other sides
Lake side elevations are encouraged to incorporate interesting architectural elements
Pergola language added to arbor guidelines 
A redline version of these changes is available please follow the below link.    We welcome any feedback you may have.