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Lake Water Test Results -- High E.coli Levels J-Cove & Community Center
Posted on Sep 27th, 2019

The report for water samples taken Monday, 9/23/2019 (after the heavy rains last Sunday) are indicating very high levels of E.coli both in J Cove and at the Community Center.  First time we've had high readings in J Cove this year.  It's very seldom to have high readings at the front of the Lake, the last time was 2 years ago.  The results in J-Cove reflected a reading of 1440 cfu/100mL and 1120 cfu/100mL at the Community Center.  The EPA's guidelines for safe swimming are 235 cfu/100'mL.  It's not safe this weekend for recreational swimming, especially if you have open scratches/wounds or have a low immune system.
We will take water samples again next week, probably on Monday, and have test results 24-hours thereafter and will notify you accordingly.   
Respectively submitted,
Julio Torres, HOA Administrator