The results for lake water samples taken on Thursday, June 1, were high, and swimming in the below locations is Not advised.  Swimming in lake water at any time is always at your own risk, but especially when you have open scratches or wounds, or have a low immune system.  
The reported reading last week for J Cove (264 Winnebago Dr) was 830 cfu/100ml. 
Swim dock across from 113 Winnebago Dr was 363 cfu/100ml.
West Arm at center community dock was 320 cfu/100ml.
U cove (368 Southshore Dr) was 611 cfu/100ml.
Per the guidelines we use (three agencies recommendations seen below) swimming it is not advised for these locations. 
Blue Valley Labs has indicated to us that other local lakes for which they test are also having high E. Coli readings.  Runoff of fertilizers and other contaminants from recent rains is the likely cause.
We look at three guidelines for E. Coli as follows:
< 125 cfu/100ml, Penn State guideline good for swimming and other recreation 
< 190 cfu/100ml, MODNR posting limit for swimming not recommended
< 235 cfu/100ml, EPA guideline for recreational swimming
We plan to do further testing in the weeks ahead and will post the findings as soon as they are received.
No Longer Allowed at Lake Winnebago:  Update on Blue Springs Marine:  Until further notice, Blue Springs Marine is not allowed to place any Blue Springs Marine owned trailer or watercraft into the lake.  This does not preclude Blue Springs Marine from selling watercraft to residents for use on the lake or servicing resident-owned watercraft.  However, only the HOA trailer or a resident’s approved trailer may be used to launch or retrieve such watercraft to/from the water.   Please see the Watercraft Regulations for information concerning member responsibility for use of unapproved watercraft and trailers.
Commercial Property Survey
See the survey results regarding the recent Commercial Property Survey sent out via email to the community.
Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) Spillway Modification
This is the Lake Winnebago Community Vision developed and adopted by the Planning Committee and HOA Board of Directors for the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was approved by the HOA Board on May 10 and is the culmination of work begun by the Planning Committee using Town Hall meetings, enlisting an outside consulting firm (Shockey Consulting) and distributing five community surveys. 
The Strategic Plan will help provide guidance to the Board and its committees for future decision making and budgeting and is now available on the HOA website which you can access via this link: Strategic Plan
All of the survey results were posted on the HOA website in early March and are still available for review via this link:  Survey Results.
Thank you to all who participated in the surveys and thank you to the Planning Committee members for their dedication and hard work in driving the Strategic Plan process. 
Scott Majercik
New Amenity Announcement
The Amenities Committee, along with Randy Spalding and the HOA, are pleased to present further plans for Lake Winnebago’s new amenities property.  The 5.2 acre amenity area is located on the south side where Wild Horse Parkway meets South Shore Drive.  This land was designated as amenities area per the Development Agreement (DA).
The voting members of the Amenities Committee include Bill Hancock, Alicia Holecek, and Amy Kirkpatrick, Randy Spalding, Marc Cook, and James Asher.  This committee, per the DA, is tasked with making a recommendation for development of the amenity area. After much consideration, and multiple community surveys, the committee is presenting plans for a pool and community building. Westport Pools has been selected for construction of the swimming pool and to oversee the construction of the adjacent community building.   We are proud to present the plan to the community on February 26 at the Annual HOA Board Meeting.  Ryan Casserly from Westport Pools will formally present the drawings and plans.  We look forward to seeing you there.
The Community Building is a gorgeous 2,000+ sq. ft. lower-level building with open and covered decking overlooking the cove and pool.  Community bathrooms on the upper level will be available to the entire amenities area.  On the lower/pool level there will be a community room, restrooms, pool equipment room and office.  This community room will open up to the pool side as well as a lakeside patio and gas fireplace with an amazing view of the cove.   This community room will be available to the community to reserve for small gatherings year round.  
The resort style swimming pool boasts nearly 5600 sq. ft. of water with a zero ("beach") entry with bubblers, two tanning ledges with loungers, in-water bench seating, entry steps and two swim lanes.  Ample pool decking surrounds the pool and will offer lounge chairs and several shaded areas to enjoy.
In addition to the pool and building, there are other features to the property, and room for future development. A boat ramp with security gate and parking have already been completed. Additionally, a launch dock will be added where the boat ramp meets the water to help residents while launching their boats.  Further into the cove, below the pool area, there will be a "day use" dock with 10 boat slips to serve as temporary parking to enjoy the amenities area by boat.  Sidewalks and stairs will lead you to the community building and pool area. Funds are also allocated for grading, retaining walls, landscaping and shoreline stabilization.
When the Development Agreement was initiated, there was a total of $1.6 million allotted for the amenities area: $600,000 from LW HOA and $1 million from Randy Spalding.  After extensive pool and community building research, it was apparent additional funds would be needed to complete this project.  In November 2021, the community voted to approve adding $750,000 into the 2022 budget, and Randy Spalding agreed to match that addition for a total project budget of $3.1 million.  As pictured, the budget for the pool and community building is $3.9 million.  Randy Spalding has agreed to cover the overages beyond the funded $3.1 million for the completion of the project as depicted.  After presenting to the community, the HOA Board will vote on March 8, 2022 on the recommendation from the Amenities Committee. If approved, total HOA contributions to the construction of the project will be capped at $1,350,000.
All members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting (Saturday, February 26, 9:00 a.m. at the AYC) and/or the March Board (Tuesday, March 8, 6:45 p.m. at the HOA Board room) to hear more about this exciting project.   Questions may also be submitted at lakewinnebagohoa@comcast.net, or feel free to contact any Board member or member of the Amenity Committee with any questions.
Public Notice:
Please note that a FEMA required "Public Notice" concerning the "Proposed Flood Zone Modification & Spillway Lake Level Study Update" has been included with the December Signal. Below is the link of what has been sent out in this months publication.  Also is a link of the notice sent out a year ago.
In March of this year, after members of the Lakes & Dam Committee participated in a conference call with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), MMM, and a group of citizens opposed to the quarry expansion, and then the subsequent approval by the MDNR Land Reclamation Division to approve the quarry expansion from a land reclamation perspective, the HOA Board approved the hiring of Intertek/PSI to study the possible impacts of the expanded quarry operations on the new dam and spillway. Intertek/PSI is the firm that designed the new dam and spillway, and they are the engineer of record for the dam.  The Intertek/PSI report, dated June 8, 2021, is posted on the HOA web page. The final paragraph of the report reads as follows.
“Based on the USBM RI 8507 Safe Blasting levels at a frequency of 20 to 30 Hertz (a common natural frequency of mass soils), this represents a safe blast level and around an order of magnitude below recorded reading supplied by Martin Marietta’s monitoring company, Vibra-Tech. Therefore, we believe the currently proposed quarry limits will not result in damaging blast vibrations at the concrete spillway for the Winnebago Dam so long as the load per delay is in the range defined above.”
A full explanation of Intertek/PSI’s review, terms, calculations, and assumptions is included in the report.
Reminders on PWC usage on the Lake from the Boat Committee. 
There have been quite a few violations issued this year for PWC usage.  Boat Patrol has been asked to place particular significance on PWCs  this season and going forward.  A few important reminders are provided here for everyone’s safety and as a reminder of several core restrictions regarding PWCs on the lake. 
PWCs are not allowed on the lake, at any speed, between sunset and sunrise.   This means any PWC on the water at those times is subject to violations per the Watercraft Regulations.   In other words, when Boat Patrol begins their nightly no-wake laps, PWCs must go in.
PWCs are not allowed to tow any devices at any time, with the exception of towing a stranded boat for emergency purposes (ie., helping a broken down boat back to the dock).
PWCs are subject to all standard regulations on distance from shore and other watercraft, safety, speed, no-wake areas, and all the other general protocols as any other watercraft.  This includes distance from each other when riding in tandem, just like every other watercraft.  
PWCs are effectively at the bottom of the pecking order for right of way.   In short, they must maintain appropriate distance and give way to all other watercraft. 
Following in the wake of other boats and crisscrossing waves for jumping etc is prohibited where appropriate distances are not maintained.
PWCs are not allowed to weave through other watercraft traffic other than at idle speed.
An operator must be 14 and have a valid MO Boaters’ ID to operate a PWC, unless the operator was born before January 1, 1984.  This includes guests.  
Guests using a resident’s PWC are subject to all these same rules; violations by guests count against the resident per the Watercraft Regulations.
You may view all the Watercraft Regulations and specific rules as they apply to watercraft and PWCs at LakeWinnebago.org, under the Boats Tab.
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Form for Co-Owners Fourth Amendment of Delcaration of Restrictions
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Form for Married Persons Fourth Amendment of Declaration of Restrictions
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